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Feudi and the Southern pride - here's a few good every day wine recommendations

WinePosted by L'Enoteca di Mr. Brunello Tue, August 25, 2015 14:40:32
By Jennifer Delaloca

Every day -but good- wine recommendations

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having Philipson Wine and Feudi-Ceo Francesco Domini over for a tasting. They were here to represent the biggest -and one of the most prestigious- houses in Campania: Feudi di San Gregorio

With an annual production of around 4 million bottles, 3.5 in Campania and the rest in Basilicata, Sicily and Puglia, Feudi di San Gregorio takes it home when it comes to quantity but indeed too in what goes for quality, value and brand reputation. The family runned winery (Famiglia Capaldo) is highly renowned from South to North in Italy as well as in many parts of the world - and has managed to become so in only roughly three decades. Considering them starting out in the heart of where the 1980 devastating earth quake took place, in Irpinia, only five years after the disaster left the village and surrounding municipalities (e.g. Napoli, Benevento, Avellino) in brackish for years and decades to come (even today certain areas are absurdly still heavily effected) their accomplishment is quite remarkable.

Our tasting covered seven examples from the basic ones to the top ones
Albente 2014, Falanghina 2014, Cutizzi 2013
Reds: Lacryma Cristi Rosso 2013, Rubrato 2012, Taurasi 2009, Serpico 2009

They were all very good but here's our top 3 recommendations:
Albente 2014
- appearance: clear, lemon coloured, light intensity
Nose: Intense, aromatic, tropical (melone, passion fruit, banana) and green fruits (apple and pear)
Palate: High acidity, pear and green apples with medium finish
Basic good quality, will for instance do well as an aperitif or with low spiced vegetable and/or fish dishes + easy going salads.

Cutizzi Greco di Tufo 2013
- apperance: clear, light lemon coloured and light intensity
Nose: Citrus (grape fruit), jasmin, green apples
Palate: Citrus (lemon), green apples
Well balanced dry white, will for instance do well with shell fish, fresh cheese and light (not to heavily spiced) fish/vegetable pasta dishes. Has got three glasses in Il Gambero Rosso.

Lacryma Cristi Rosso 2013 - apperance: clear, light purple red, medium intensity
Nose: Spicy, red berries, crushed pepper
Palate: Acidic, red berries (red currant), balsamic, light stable
Good glass of every-day wine produced in basalt soil on Mount Vesuvio, will for instance do well with pasta, poultry and acidic food (like corn, lentils, currants, cranberries, blueberries)

All wines can for the moment only be purchased through Philipson Wines here

The other wines, specially Taurasi and Serpico 2009, were absolutely great bottles but you have to wait for them to experience their full potential.

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